Hello darkness, my old friend

I woke up way too early, and couldn’t go back to sleep. What better way to spend a few hours before regular wake-up time, than hacking sassy style sheets?

$brand-color: #F15A29;
$gray-color:  desaturate($brand-color, 85%);

All color theming is now rewritten to use custom CSS properties instead of SCSS variables, and just the definition of the properties are SCSS. For some reason the jekyll sassifier does not expand $variable in custom properties, so all those had to be wrapped in #{$variable} interpolations instead.

$dark-gray-color:           $gray-color;
$dark-background-color:     darken($dark-gray-color, 45%);
$dark-text-color:           lighten($dark-gray-color, 40%);

:root {
    --base-bg-color:        #{$dark-background-color)};
    --light-bg-color:       #{lighten($dark-background-color, 5%))};
    --dark-bg-color:        #{darken($dark-background-color, 5%))};

    --base-text-color:      #{$dark-text-color)};
    --fade-text-color:      #{darken($dark-text-color, 25%))};

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades

Down, and down, we go.

With the theming rewrite, it’s much easier to define variations of the theme, and let @media selectors do the work of picking the correct one. In the future this can easily be extended to also accomodate e.g. high contrast preferences.

This is the first stab of the light color scheme, that will be presented to viewers with a preference of being blinded, but this will take more work to get right.

Code syntax higlighting blocks still use the dark theme, because code is supposed to be read in the darkness anyway.

$light-gray-color:          $gray-color;
$light-background-color:    lighten($light-gray-color, 40%);
$light-text-color:          darken($light-gray-color, 45%);

@media screen and (prefers-color-scheme: light) {
    :root {
        --base-bg-color:    #{$light-background-color)};
        --light-bg-color:   #{lighten($light-background-color, 5%))};
        --dark-bg-color:    #{darken($light-background-color, 5%))};

        --base-text-color:  #{$light-text-color)};
        --fade-text-color:  #{lighten($light-text-color, 25%))};